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Recovering Lost Gold From The Ocean

Go – Details about this amazing opportunity

Be a part of the greatest gold recovery project, ever.

Watch this short video first for a quick reminder of what this project is all about:

As seen in:

Watch the 37 minute webinar for full details:

How to get your share of the gold fortune...

You can own shares in Britannia's Gold Ltd exclusively through the Angel Business Club. The Angel Business Club is Europe's largest angel investor crowdfunding club with over 2,000 active members. You don't have to live in Europe to participate in this exciting project or be a member of the Club. The Club welcomes members from over 100 countries around the world.

​As a shareholder in Britannia's Gold Ltd, you will share in all future profits of any gold recovered. As you will see in the video above, the team need to raise £15 million to complete the first "cluster" of gold recovery which is predicted to provide a return of around 300% on initial investment within 12 months and that's why they have partnered with The Angel Business Club.

Join The Angel Business Club today for as little as €89 a month (€3/£2.50 a day)​ and you can receive shares in Britannia's Gold Ltd as well as some other fantastic businesses. Shares are allocated to members every Wednesday to the same value of their subscription fee. As a member you will also have the chance to invest in shares in various other exciting companies along with Britannia's Gold Ltd.