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The Angel Business Club is worldwide savings and investment Club with over 2,000 active members. The Club invests in high risk/high reward opportunities, such as Britannia's Gold. All of the Club's investments have the potential to create huge gains for it's members.

Join the Angel Business Club today and you will receive a bonus of up to 45 FREE Gold Units plus free shares allocated every week (see the table below). Each Gold Unit qualifies you for a cash dividend from the gold salvage operation, potentially worth between €5 to €20 per gold unit. Hence, 45 gold units could be worth €940.

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Recommended Subscription:

We recommend the €990 membership.  Due to the salvage operation already being underway, Gold Units will only be issued until 31st January 2019. The €990 membership level will give you €227 worth of shares every week plus 45 FREE Britannia's Gold Units.

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