Discover how you can PROFIT from the greatest GOLD salvage operation, EVER!

At the bottom of the oceans, lies an estimated £145 billion GBP of GOLD.  A small group of private investors have raised funds to enable a top international salvage team to bring the gold back home. The salvage operation has just started but you can be part of this exciting project and claim your share of this potentially massive GOLD recovery operation.

Why is there GOLD at the bottom of the oceans?

During World Wars 1 & 2 the British Government shipped gold bullion to pay for munitions and goods. During both wars, some 7500 merchant ships were sunk and exclusive research has identified more than 700 of those ships were carrying gold and silver. The estimated present day value of the gold and silver contained in those sunken ships is circa £145 billion pounds.

Secret DOCUMENTS uncovered

In amongst a box of last will and testaments of deceased sailors a document was found that was written by an adviser to wartime Chancellor of the Exchequer, Reginald McKenna.

The document clearly indicated secret gold movements made on behalf of the government on requisitioned merchant liners. The document identified name of the Liners and the value of gold each were carrying.

Through 25 years of RESEARCH

This research was just part of over 25 years in both maritime and financial institution archives, both home and abroad. An international research team has created a database of unique intelligence, giving wreck location and cargo content. A total of 27 Terrabytes (8 million pages) of information has been compiled, giving documented evidence of shipwrecks containing gold and other high value cargoes, and their locations.

Survey Results: 100% CONFIDENCE

In April 2018, the salvage team carried out a successful survey on 5 shipwrecks in secret locations in the North Atlantic. The key purpose of the survey operation was to verify beyond any reasonable doubt, the positive identification of the wrecks. The survey also enabled the team to check the condition of the wrecks which allowed them to properly estimate the cost and time required for an efficient and safe salvage.

The survey was a great success. From one of the wrecks a silver plate was retrieved. The makers hallmark (Elkington) could be clearly seen, but more importantly, the shipping company’s logo was also clearly identified (see photos below). This gave the team 100% confidence the correct shipwreck had been found. Of the 5 shipwrecks surveyed, 3 have been positively identified ready for salvage.

More than just GOLD

The items of particular high value (e.g. gold, silver and diamonds), will be buried deep within the cargo holds (heaviest items are always at the lowest point) and will only be uncovered during the full salvage operation in November.

However, the surveys also gave excellent visual identification of other desirable cargoes being carried by the ships. For example, a large volume of tin (sn) (see photos below).

Further cargo identified included zinc ingots (Zn), complete with the manufacturers stamp still visible, (see photos below). Tin and Zinc are still in high demand in today's metals markets and given the considerable volume on the wrecks, the salvage team plan to recover these metals at the same time as the gold and silver.

GOLD SALVAGE - It's happening now!

The funds to pay for the survey and salvage operation (over £7 million) have already been raised and the salvage team are out at sea right now. 3 shipwrecks are included and the salvage operation is likely to be completed early 2019.

As seen in the NEWSPAPERS

The UK's leading newspapers have published details of this exciting project. Here's some of the press clippings:

More MEDIA coverage

Philip Reid, Chairman of Britannia's Gold, has given several interviews with various media outlets. Here's the interview he gave with BBC Radio 5 Live (click to play the video below). The Discovery Channel have also expressed interest in making a documentary about this exciting project.

Meet the TEAM

Salvaging shipwrecks is a very costly and dangerous business and you need a highly skilled and experienced team. The team at Britannia's Gold Ltd (the salvage company created for this unique project) are among the best in the world. Here's some brief details of a few key members:

Will Carrier
Operational Director

Will has spent over 30 years working in the marine sub sea industry.

He has been involved in some of the world’s largest and most challenging marine engineering and oilfield sub sea construction and decommissioning projects, including the Piper Alpha disaster, the recovery of the Kursk and the salvaging of the Francois Vieljeux.

Mauricio Garrido
Non-Exec Director

Mauricio has been actively involved in responding to more than 350 major global ship and cargo salvage incidents, first as Casualty Surveyor for Scandinavian Hull and Liability insurers and later as Salvage Master for international salvage companies.

Since 2008, Mauricio has been President of Houston based T&T Salvage where he manages global operations.

Nick Henry
Non-Exec Director

Nick Henry is the CEO of James Fisher & Sons plc, Britain’s largest and oldest Marine Services company. James Fisher & Sons PLC employ over 2,500 staff and cover an extensive range of marine activities including salvage services.

Nick brings a wealth of experience from the sub sea and salvage world. Nick was appointed CEO of James Fisher and Son’s plc in 2004. 

Philip Reid
Executive Chairman

Mr Reid has over 35 years of experience in financial services. He was a Chief Executive of the National Research Development Corporation, a Government backed venture capital organisation. He was later a Senior Vice President of Merrill Lynch has been Chairman of five Listed public companies.

Mr Reid is also the co-founder of The Angel Business Club.

Who are The Angel Business Club?

The funds to pay for the salvage operation (over £7 million) have already been raised by a crowdfunding campaign created by the private investor club, The Angel Business Club.

The Angel Business Club is worldwide savings and investment Club with over 2,000 active members. The Club invests in high risk/high reward opportunities such as Britannia's Gold. All of the Club's investments have the potential to create huge gains for it's members.

Sharing the GOLD

All the gold and other valuables recovered during the salvage operation will be shared between the UK government (c. 30%), shareholders of Britannia's Gold Ltd (c. 60%) and war charities (c. 10%).

The Angel Business Club owns a significant shareholding in Britannia's Gold Ltd (the salvage company) and each month, members of The Angel Business Club have been receiving FREE Britannia's Gold Dividend Fund Units ("Gold Units"). 


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How much could a GOLD UNIT be worth?

It's difficult to put a value on a Gold Unit as it depends how much gold and other valuable cargo is salvaged. A fair estimate is that a unit could be worth in the region of €5 - €20. For example, if ABC received a total dividend from Britannia's Gold of €28 million, each Gold Unit would be worth €20 as there there will never be more than 1.4 million Gold Units in existence.



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